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- September 21, 2016



Would you like to lose a few pounds? The best way to do the same is to follow a free healthy diet plan. The best way to follow the free healthy diet plan is staying on lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein like fish, meat and one egg in a day.

Make Your Own Diet Plan that Does not Involve Dieting


Try avoiding food like carbohydrates, artificial fruit juices, readymade processed fried food and food like French fries, hamburgers and too much of cheese and butter. Fresh fruits and vegetables are low in calories but very high in nutrients. They also contain numerous anti oxidant properties that not only gives you energy for the whole day but also helps us to fill up our tummies as well.


One should definitely try and avoid food products like red meat and increase amounts of chicken and fish in the diet. Also try out cooking with Olive oil. Olive oil has various properties like Omega three fatty acids that keeps your heart well and reduces cholesterol in the body.


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  • Does it give you loose stool because I don't want to have to run to the bathroom or have a crampy stomach

    Deirdre Bodrick - 2 months ago

  • were you working out at the same time and eating healthy?

    Jackaroo - 16 months ago

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